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Tuesday, July 21

No coffee is torturing!

Breakfast of mine is quite bad this morning!

The noodle and bee hoon by hup lee really drop. The standard isn't like before. The taste, feel and everything... it is no longer the nice and tasty breakfast...

Even my wife had the glutinous rice... tasteless... the rice is not fragrant at all and not other ingredient at all. Sigh What a let down.

We were sitting there for sometime and no uncle/auntie asked us if we want the drink. Just when we had finished our breakfast, the auntie asked us if we want to order any drink. Well.. time is getting late so we never order anything. Prefer to have my plain water to quench my thirst as the food is quite dry.

Now.. without a coffee in the morning... I kept dozing off in front of my computer. I can even dream immediately. Weird huh. lol

Look like I need coffee during lunch time...

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