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Thursday, July 30

My twitter design

Do you want to design the background for your twitter?

May I suggest HIM to guide you through. Do check out his portfolio also, he have a lot of nice tutorial! I did pick up some skill from the site.

After spending some time on it, this is the end result.

My first try on designing. =)

I do not need such a complicated design so I decided to do something really simple and clear.

I did check on both my PC and Macbook, it look terrific and nice. Pity that it does not support 1024 x 768 display, some of the wording had been 'eaten'. I have to edit it tonight.

You can check out my twitter at

3 mistake spotted.

1. Logo been covered by twitter.
2. Vertical wording link is a little too right
3. Full wording of is not seen at the bottom.

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