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Monday, July 20

Hooked on the drama, Flashpoint!

Last year, I saw this drama name, Flashpoint, at one of the site but I did not really have time to watch it until I am talking to William about PPStream. Well, you can watch the drama from that site. It's your call.

I watched the first Ep last week, and immediately, I am hooked on it! Why?


The way they had the story written, the mood, the ending is kinda different from USA. Yes, the show is from Canada, broadcast on CTV. Read more on Flashpoint on Wiki.

I rated it: exciting, interesting and touching.

In USA, they are S.W.A.T.(Special Weapn And Tactic), but in Canada, they are known as E.T.F. (Emergency Task Force).

But in this show, they are known as S.R.U (Stragetic Response Unit) instead.

You should watch it if you really love action/police drama. While this is all about Police, there's another drama call The Unit, which is all about the USA Special Forces which never exist in all govt agency, only the USA President.

It is a KICK ASS show!

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