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Friday, July 3


Flock flock flock...  I love flock! But... why?

Anyway, what I wanna share today is the usage of sidebar! Why is sidebar so important? It depend on you, but to me, it is pretty fun and nice to play with!

I can login to my twitter on Flock sidebar and use just like TweetDeck or DestroyTwitter! But of course, this is general usage only.

But as I said, it is your own liking. Flock is the social network browser mainly for people who want to get in touch of updated news without having it to go to the website. Just a click away, you can switch it from Facebook to MySpace, Twitter, Youtube and even Flickr or Digg! Just make sure you have the account first!

And if you scare that the Sidebar is irritating to you, click close until the time you are free to on it again. This is also good for those working in office and have to make sure no one is looking at what you are doing. Discreet huh?

You can also on facebook chat as long as you are on Flock browser. It is linked anyway, so you will not be afraid that you have to stay on facebook site to chat. Cool?

The mediabar is another thing you will love if you like to look at other people photos. If you have your account, just login to it, and you still be able to enjoy photos from Flickr, TinyPic, Photobucket and Picasa. Do not like it? Just off the media bar instead! The shortcut key are just on the Flock toolbar!

Flock is not paying me to advertise at all. Im writing this to share why you should try Flock. No harm trying first and if you do not like it, uninstall it. Very simple as that.

I am currently using both Flock and Google Chrome.

Google Chrome ultimate best point are: bigger viewing area, able to find site that I want quickly by tpying on the url box and if I want to google for something, url box is my search engine under google. That's one of the best reason I love these 2 browser so much. Best of yet, less CPU eater.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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lionel0008 said...

Sounds nice. Currently using Firefox as preferred browser cause can download faster. Any idea how to increase Chrome download speed? BTW, clicked on ur ad.

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