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Thursday, July 2

Flock is still one of my best browser!

I had been using Flock when I saw that it allows me to upload my photos to my flickr account. Nowadays, I kept on using Flock due to the fantastic sidebars.

So what does the sidebars actually for? I shall do a full review later on with the comparison of IE, Firefox, Chrome and Flock. These are the 4 big browsers in my system for both work and home.

Sidebars on Flock is great for people who have a lot of accounts anywhere. Like: (I shall mention what I have) Gmail, Yahoo mail, MySpace, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube, Digg, TinyPic, Blogger,Facebook and Flickr.

All of these are login when you open your browser but of course, you have to enable the setting to make Flock remember it.

As there are a lot of program running together, bound to have some issue going on.

Recently, I have issue on flickr login and posted up on the Flock support. That will explain why Flickr is not working fine with Flock.

I am also using the Blog editor window to blog it, which is the reason why you see posted by Blogged with Flock at the end of my every posting. A liltte disappointment on the blog editor is that, I cannot find back my old blog post and re edit. What I can do is to replace the blog.

For this case, ScribeFire on Firefox wins, but it tend to freeze my entire browser for 20sec whenever the ScribeFire blog is open or changing the blog entry id. That is a total minus point. But of course, ScribeFire have a lot more interesting icon to use on it which I am hoping Flock can do the same thing in future too.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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YieTze said...

wow ..i need to use FLOCKKKKK

Boon said...

Flock is fun and nice to use. =)
Pros and Cons lor

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