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Monday, July 6

Cooling night!

I must say that yesterday night had been a terrific weather! Though it is cold, I cannot help myself by turning on the fan! Can you imagine how the great the feel is?


I had been mingling around about my NMT jukebox last night and finally gotten done by only 75%. I got to do it all over again because of the movies I had in my drive. As there are too many folders for full blu-ray ripped, the YAMJ (Yet Another Music Jukebox) detect all the short feature clips!

I have to make sure that I have the movie name rename correctly and all of them MUST be in the same folder of movie. By doing this, I allow the YAMJ 'read' the whole movies. Once I clicked the hard disk logo, I am not be able to see the category like video, music, photos etc. Instead, it will launch the jukebox immediately.

So I got to move my TV series and musical under same folder of movie. I am still figuring how to give tag to my tv series and musical. I wanted my musical concert under the tag of musical and my tv shows under TV series. I have yet to get that clear, hoping the people from networked media tank forum can help me along.

This is the thread of how to install and config YAMJ.

Why am I using YAMJ and not collectorz? Reason is simple.

YAMJ = Free
Collectorz = USD45

and one more reason

I can have YAMJ on my external hdd to nmt via USB.
Collectorz (My Lil Jukebox) must use ext3 hdd. (Buffalo able to. But it is NOT cheap at all.)

I decided to keep my entire movies and have YAMJ do my entire jukebox. Look like I got to set up a lot of movie box set and animation together. Now, I need 1.5TB hdd and a USB dock! Enjoy the fullness of the movie!

Love it!

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