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Thursday, July 9

Can you understand?

Just a little bored hence I want to write something about this.

This is not to pin point but some facts that is so true but not to everyone.

We, the common folks, stay in HDB leading a very normal typical lifestyle just like the rest of the others. Nothing special but facing the same fate like bills, spending, food etc... Life is tough but keeping positive in mind will help to overcome it.

Be more hardworking and earn more.

But by doing that, family time will lessen. Try to balance out on both work and family time, which, this what I am trying to do now. Looking at dear baby, play with her till nap time, then enter study room to surf some net and do some read up.

I want to learn more, so I finally picked up my Photoshop book and start reading all about Adobe Bridge and next, Photoshop on photos. I am no expert or whatsoever, most importantly is to improve on photoshop skill. After learning all the entire photoshop essential skill with the disc been provided in the book, I want to learn more on designing and Dreamweaver.

I cannot go for courses because of cost and time does not allow me to do so. Even with SDF, I doubt my company will send me as it is non related at all. By using company name to get SDF and pay them in cash is a real no-no situation. If your company is small, talk to your boss, maybe in future, you can help back your boss. Importantly, your boss must have faith.

Improving myself on both design and dreamweaver will benefit me a lot. I can do my own web page and do some freelancing (if any). End of the day, I have knowledge on dreamweaver, photo design, photography and music. In short, I call myself Jack of all trade, but master of NONE.

Why does everyone like me have to work so hard? Simple... end of the day... to provide comfort place for family to stay and for children future.

Not everyone will go through this, and best...they do not know what is hard life. Why?

They stay in extreme comfortable place and born with silverspoon. There's no wrong at all.

If you meet up with people who belong to higher class, and they prefer to meet on weekday but noon time. Isn't that a little brainless? They do not need to work does not mean their friend don't. From young till marriage to taking care of baby, they have a lot of freedom and less worrry.

But why?

Help from parent, obvious case.

Hey, there's no wrong about it at all! I'm not judging people in this way but, do they ever understand at all?

While you tried hard to explain about your feeling, they will often give wrong advise. Most cases is fed up by talking to them. Call it fair or fated, no use been jealous over it. Learn to live with it. If they ever understand, that's a plus point in their life.

What could be the most vomit blood situation?

They will say they are broke! No money for this and that... They never know that their expenses are also high. If they have to say they are broke and poor, isn't that means we are even poorer?

Compare with the pay, see who is earning more instead? The more you earn, faster the money  go out easily without knowing.

Keep yourself away and refrain talking these to them. Not that they not worth as friend but mindset which can led you piss mode easily.

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