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Friday, July 24

Browser comparison

Finally, I decided to do this browser comparison which I had been thinking of it.

For a start, I compared 5 browsers in total. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Flock, Chrome and Safari. Below shown how it look when I start the browser.

Which is your favourite look?

My view-

Firefox: Straight forward to Google
Chrome: Last viewed appeared on the screen in thumbnails
Flock: Network updates with News feed
Safari: Top sites

I love them all, so I decided not to rate them.

Firefox look when you first launch the application

IE look when you first launch the application

Google Chrome look when you first launch the application

Flock look when you first launch the application

Safari look when you first launch the application

Another I did will be opening up Task Manager.
Look at the photo below.

Just look at the mem usage among the 5 browser.

I set all of them to and did this print screen.

Chrome is one of the lowest Mem Usage eater! That also explain that why it have bigger viewing space. Simple and easy to use.

Let's be frank for my Firefox, I did have plugin installed before.
They are ScribeFire (blog), IE tab, Delicious bookmarks, Download embedded, Google Gears, Multiply and Nzbmatrix toolbars.

But it is still too high for FF since I seldom use those plugins.

Now, let's jump to Flock.

Flock is one of the best social network browser ever!

Click on it for bigger view.

Look at the left, these are my social network. One click and it goes to the site right away. Though having a lot of network related in Flock, it is still much less CPU eater than FF.

You can even Facebook chat on the bottom of your browser. Not necessary for you to stay in Facebook page to chat. This feature make the Flock even friendlier.

The only down side for Flock is the login issue. You can get sign out easily, which you might have to Forget the Acc before you sign in again to let Flock remember again.

Another issue will be flickr login issue. They are still fixing it.

So, after my simple review, which is your favourite browser?

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