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Friday, July 10

Almost finishing my photoshoot book - fun in office!

While doing stuff on my NMT, converting, transferring and remuxing, I took sometime to continue my reading on Photoshop CS4 book by Scott Kelbey. I have to blame myself for not putting enough effort to read them up entirely when I bought this book.

I read only what I want, but yesterday, I benefit a lot and I dare to be proud of myself!

Now, I have less than half of the book to finish it before I can start on 2 other books with video tutorial.

This is funny!!!

Because almost all of our top level boss are not in office, so... everyone is in relax mood! Hurray to the core!

Weird... my coll is into old Chinese song this morning as me! I just gotten the mp3 of 國語經典101 and kept playing the 90s music in that car, to and fro office and home, since the last 2 days!

Awesome tune of the era! Get it now and sing it!

Just only, everyone got hyped up with the music and the word "请注意" came out! Oh dear... this is not 百万大歌星 segment! But... if there's MV... I'm sure all of us will enter the studio to sing it out loudly! LOL

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