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Monday, June 8

Problematic Western Digital Green HDD

I am certain that Western Digital Green is having some problem.


To make sure that you are getting the correct and safe HDD, read this:

While Sunblock is helping me with the wonderful NMT Elektron 606 set up, everything is still fine until the transferring stage. The entire Elektron 606 just went off without any warning and there's no light showing at all.

This does not happen me to only. Another guy, Rizal, also facing the same situation as mine. The HDD went dead instantly. He is lucky to get back to Sunblock house again after feeling itch when Aaron and I were happily setting up the Elektron machine. He had no HDD at that moment, so after staying a while, he went off.

We never knew that Rizal actually went to SengKang to get the HDD immediately! He was thinking which HDD to get initially, and look like WD Green is a wrong choice for him. He is still able to get 1 tot 1 exchange from the shop since he bought it only for a day, while for me, I do not think I can get 1 to 1 from Videopro as it is on the 2nd wks already.

Hoping that WD office have their latest batch HDD. I got to call up before making my trip down. Seeing from forum, one guy had to RMA the HDD as there's no stock locally. Maybe I should just buy a new HDD while waiting for it to RMA if that's the situation. Oh! That means...I have another 1 TB external hdd! Just need a casing!

I need to save up! Not to spend! DAMN IT!

Anyway, defected batch is

While the non problem batch is

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William said...

So the batch you are having is the defective batch?


Mohandas K. Gandhi:

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.Yours is a nice blog.

Chris said...

That's not a defective batch. Those are models with different platters.

WD10EADS-00M2B0 is the new two platter model that is shipping.

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