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Tuesday, June 23

Telemarketeer from ef****n sucks

As my title mentioned, it sucks and yes BIG TIME!

This girl, Anita, from ef****n, called my wife previously for Business Plat Card sign up from SCB. Due to the good rebate, my wife decided to sign up and of course, me too. Knowing that if you are the existing card member to the bank, you do not need to re submit the whole thing again. But this girl is WAY too screw up!

On Saturday, suppose to have the courier drop by our house from 10am-12pm, but you bloody told the courier 12.30pm 1.30pm (supposed to be this time as this is what the courier told us)? Hello, we already at Lot 1 food court having lunch and of course, we did not flare on the guy because he follow orders. YOU have bloody problem with YOUR stupid management!

On Monday, you called to ask my wife when can we send in the documents, e.g IC and IR8A form. Told that it will be next day because I can do it in office as there's printer and fax machine. But you kept asking what time again and again! Is it because of the voucher we received on Saturday and Monday you got nothing back from us and you feared that we will run away?! For godness sake! Tua Pek Gong ah!!! (While ppl called for Christ, I call for my god)

While she called and ask non stop, she also never realised that she forgotten to give us the fax number!!!

After confirming that today (Tuesday), I, will send the information to you, but YOU still called my wife after putting down the PHONE! And a total of 16 missed call! Apparently, with 16 missed calls, my wife is obviously attending to BABY! For that bloody 16 missed calls, the phone kept on vibrate on table and end up on the floor! That's the only time my wife realised the call! You are lucky to stop calling after that happens.

And today, AGAIN and AGAIN! You called to ask my wife for her business address. Which part of MOVING you do not understand?! When the business are moving, no one will know the exact address and for Ah Pek's sake, she is on MATERNITY LEAVE NOW!

How many freaking time must you call to ask ONE BLOODY SHIT QUESTION?! First, business address, then QUALIFICATION?! HELLO! Do you know HOW to ask in 1 ROW?!

When asked for manager, you put on hold and later get back to say manager not around. Fine, if you get your manager back, please get he or she to call my WIFE back and do not expect SHE TO WAIT on phone! What sorta working attitude is THIS!

We emailed our displease about this situation, and nothing been done?

This is what I emailed:

Hi Sharon,

I do not know who is the in charge but I have to voice out because it is getting out of hand yesterday.

I am very disappointed by the constant harrassment my wife received. There must be a reason why she could not pick up the calls made by ur staff, yet ur staff continuosly called, resulting in 16 missed called and it resulted to the phone vibrating from the table n dropping to the floor.

It was such a nuisance as my wife was busy attending to our newborn and had to ignore the irritating calls.

Being a call centre/telemarketing unit, is there courtesy training for your staff, and also you should remind them to leave voicemails/sms and we could have gotten back

I hope your unit finds these feedback useful.

If we are interested in the card, we can go to SCB and sign up, why must we go thru so much of hassle with your ultimate inexperience telemarketeer?!

Wifey had called up and ask them to remove her from the list after sounding out her displease. So, how will efusion deal with it. Hell would I know.

She also told the girl to cancel everything off. Enough is enough, nothing more. So, will the card be cancel off?

Screw the day for that girl!

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Anonymous said...

well it depends on how you view it. i have good experience with telemarketers. if you have email in to the company and u do not get any reply from them within 24 hours, then you should make noise otherwise, instant reply cant be expected

Anonymous said...

I think u need to chill.

You are not any better cursing a poor little girl who was probably just overly excited to complete the sales.

I believe the telemarketer is wrong to make repeatedly calls, but making a big fuss out of such a small incident only speaks volume of your own pettiness.

In the same language, for Ah Pek's sake, pls dun be so petty, every job has its difficulties, have u ever sat down and wondered what if you were the one behind that phone?

Boon said...

Why put your name as Anonymous and defend?

It seem like from the email I received earlier kinda tally what you are saying.

If you are the parent taking care of the baby, having the calls kept on coming in, would you be so patient?

For Ah Pek's sake, do not try to I am petty. How about give me your number and I call you numerous times?

I know sales is imptnt, please use some initiative when closing deals. Over eager and lack of confidence are 2 different issue.

EQ gal said...

what happen to basic sales tactics, basic EQ, basic manners?? to call someone for sale and bug that fella for 16 times is way tooo ridiculous! Maybe its the "new way" of clinching deals, to bug ur customers NONSTOP! oh, i meant in sarcasm!

anyway this is his blog, he deem blog anything he likes isnt it? u have your way of destressing, this guy has his way of destressing. if i have to think thru and refrain myself from typing my own thts in my own blog, then why the hell do i need a blog???

boon ah, ignore this kinda fella... obviously has no brain one. not DL or what lah, BASIC IQ LEH... obviously its an inborn talent and not everyone has them.

Boon said...

Maybe I should have censorship blog instead... Cannot fight with my friend blog.

If one ever kena Xiaxue, that's it. She make a big hoo haa ever in her blog. lol

William said...

Hi Boon,

Got to say this, NEVER apply for a credit card from a marketing or tele-marketing company, no matter what kind of attractive freebies, annual fee wavier or vouchers during any these scumbag roadshows or cold calls. You will get the same benefits when you apply directly from banks.

The reason why I advice my family members, relatives and friends to refrain from getting a credit card from these scumbag telemarkeeter is because once they received your application form and confirmed your identities when you submit your ID and payslip or IRA8A. They will sell these data to 3rd party.

Even though there's a confidentiality and privacy clause in the application form, it's only cover the issuing bank and not the marketing or telemarketing company. So there's a high possibility that they want to sell your wife's info on the form to a 3rd party.

Isn't strange that they asked for your wife's qualification? Which credit card company will be interested to find out the qualification of a credit card applicant? More over in most credit card application form quaification field are omitted.

And to Anonymous, a big fuck you! to you. I bet you are from one of those scumbag telemarketing firm.

Everyone who read my reply, spread the word around. Your privacy is not protected with these telemarketing companies.

EQ GAL said...

WAHAHAHAHA... I DIE LAFFING FROM UR COMMENT LAH WILLIAM!!!! super good one!!! THUMBS UP!!!! scumbags!!!! wahahahahahahahahahhahahahaaa

*MAY THE HEROES unite and May the scumbags destroyed*

daph said...

oh my i learnt sth new about telemarketers today. aha. but seriously, u've the right to be angry. if they're credible at all, they should take some actions internally to improve their service.

these hard-sell tactics are wayyy out of hand, even if the person is THAT eager to sell the product/service. besides, proper training should've been done as to HOW the staff should go about doing this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think both wrong.

1. telemarketer wrong to harrass.

2. you wrong to criticize someone doing a decent job until like that.

William said...

Hey Anonymous,

Let me ask you this, what is so decent for a rubbish telemarketing like eFusion to mine the personal data of an innocent credit card applicants personal data and resell it to a 3rd party?

Does the innocent applicant knows that his or her personal particular will be sold to a 3rd party?

Does the innocent credit card applicant know that the roadshow are organised by a telemarketing firm instead of from the issuing bank?

Does eFusion and other similar telemarketing firm know the meaning of this word "PRIVACY"?

Those who are reading this reply and against your personal particular data being mined for marketing purpose. Is your data worth the less than $50 of freebies? Is your privacy of importance to you? If yes, shouldn't we stand up against such unscrupulous practice?

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