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Sunday, June 21

Take care as the weather is damn bad!

It is quite terrible been sick for days. I went back to work on Thursday, and I end up went home to see the doc again with 2 more days MC. It is a real bad experience of having fever kept on coming and off. As a result, my internal mouth (gum, throat and tongue) felt so swollen that I cannot even close it properly.

Luckily there's always herbal shop that sell bottles of cooling tea. I forced myself gulp down my most dislike cooling tea: Ling Yang. Had that for 2 days, but thanks that it does not taste so much yucky compared to my mom brewing method. At least, the shop add in a little of sweet taste to make it nicer to drink. Now I am feeling much better despite having some heaty food. lol

I was taking nap on Thursday due to heavy headache and later discovered that I been perspiring non stop which caused my pillow been wet on surface! Since then, every night I been sweating like hell and caused my pillow been so wet! Though it was raining heavily last night, but it turned out to be real disaster in the middle of the night! Hot and Humid! It was no use even when the fan speed is on number 2! I can still my neck, arms been so sticky. When will the cooling weather arrive again? I really miss those days.

Such weather is really hard to predict and the hot is really damn irritating which caused quite a number of people fall sick easily. No wonder so much of disease been spreading around.

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