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Sunday, June 14

Spend and more knowledge

I am still unable to solve why I cannot connect my NMT wireless to my router. WEP key, IP add, subnet, gateway and DNS had been key in manually for 5times, but still no happy screen shown when I click onto Internet Radio. However, I went to Funan after I had finished recording during noon time to get my Lan cable since Alex Wong told me to try using that.

Gotten this Belkin LAN cable of 15.2m from Challenger to test my router to my NMT. Yes, it works!

I also managed to find DI.FM internet radio by searching under Country. I had no idea if I can save the radio station because I do not want to find that particular channel by clicking next for 10 times! But at the same time, I think I should get myself a small mini hi-fi, so that I can inset analog left and right to it on Aux. I am able to enjoy my internet music whole night by doing that. A small will do tho. But I need to solve the wireless first as laying the cable on the floor is quite untidy and dangerous because we still have to attend to cait in the middle of night.

Initially I wanted to get myself 2 x Canon Original 5D batts, but a pity that CP do not have stock anymore. Hence, I made a trip to The Camera Work Shop and gotten this instead.
$25 each, comparing to about $100 for a batt. The boss suggested me to use this instead and I shall give a try later on as I am charging it.
I saved even more this time round. Let's hope this Divipower is better than the wonder Camera Device batt. Finger cross! I am hoping that I will not face the camera go low batt!

Thermometer set given by the office to ensure everyone measure their temperature in the morning before heading to work. If you are sick, please kindly stay home, thank you.

Wifey and me are starting to think of some ideas to shoot our princess, so I need to gather some baby photos to create some interesting shot which not a lot of photographer did before. Some of the mummies wanted me to do it, but as wifey thought that same as me, she told them that, let's look at the photo first before deciding. Best of all, it will be great to understand what kinda feel and mood the parents want to have their own personalise theme. I am open to ideas.

I am interested in getting the power conditioner for the system protection.

This is consider a little expensive. Around $120++. G&W from HK.

I do not mind buying this Tacima at $90.

This RCA cap cover by leGO is meant to protect the RCA from oxidising.

This is how it look. $33 for 100 pcs.

Kinda weird that my SCV digital setup box went dead earlier on. No power at all! Look like I have to make a trip down to Starhub to get it change, but at the same time, I am considering if I should get the HD Hubstation also. I have to justify IF my parent will do recording for the shows or not. After typing this, it seem to be zero and I shall have it until I move in to the new house.

Both wifey and I have a lot of place to run later on (noon), and hope that everything will be done up asap. So that I can enjoy the movie at night, as well as setting up the jukebox too.

I am considering if I should install the Jukebox as I am going to get a lot of movies, and each time I watched, I will delete it off unless it is one of my favourite movie too. Right now, I am able to get my collectorz done but I am stuck at the username and password because I have no idea for that at all. I have not jot down how many movies I have in NMT and get the name of the movies on collectorz so that I can export the information to the NMT. But then again, where does the information goes to is another question for me again! Though it is a little confusing here and there, but I am happy to do it and crack my brain by solving it! Fun and interesting!

Oh. This is one interesting site that I gotten. It is meant to fix and merge the m2ts files after getting your stuff. I had a few of the movies in that format and having over 20 separate files, having some of it in small size and one of it been at least 4 gb and above, which I firmly think it is the correct file to playback that.

I had not set up MyiHome yet, if not I can view my rmvb on TV tomorrow thru that!

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