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Thursday, June 18


I am still feeling sick despite seeing doc on Tuesday night after the exhibition of BCA at Singapore Expo.

Still having giddy, and it is not fun at all. Need not to worry but I'm sure I can drive home with care later. I need to wait till 2pm to see doc. I do not know whether is it because of the strong antibiotic my doc gave me, it seem to make me feel even worse and irritating.

I have sickening ulcer on my front tongue and top surface due to heaty! Ok, I admit I had durians yesterday night but just a little only. Now I gotten real bad sore throat and it went swollen. I'm wondering if my doctor will give me 2 days of rest at home.

Did not really wake up in the middle of the night to take of baby, but I am sure feeling so tired which is very unlike me. This is the result of getting more and more unfit.

I also had a fear last night when I almost got choke for not breathing well! I have to cut down a lot of food to slim down... That really scare me thoroughly!

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Mat`amiT said...

in the current weather its easy to get sick...

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