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Sunday, June 14

SCV box went dead

My digital setup box went dead yesterday night as there's no power at all. So, I got to take my HD box out from the bedroom and lend my parents to watch in the morning. It was wrong move to go IMM as I thought I can change the box there after breakfast. We were on tight timing tho. I never expect that exchanging of set up box is only at Customer Service Center only, so the CSO told me to go to other place like UOB, Vivo, Plaza Sing or Tampines Mall. Sad to say that UOB is not open on Sunday!

Made up my mind to go to Tampines Mall as I have to go to Ken house to test my TP Link. Currently, I am able to work along with my TP Link and NMT properly. I just need to get MyiHome run properly as to watch RMVB on tv thur NMT streaming. Thanks to Ken that he guided me to use MAC address as to locate my TP link on NMT! Appreciate!

I might not be doing juke box set up as it is a little waste of time and effort tho. 1 TB cannot contain all my movies and to do the juke box, it is best that you are keeping as collection rather than watch and delete off.

Both wife and I also went to one of the mummy house to deliever some items and we end up chatting for near 40min in their house before we make a move to Tampines Mall! Got the setup box exchanged and never knew that Starhub had changed their digital setup box to something even nicer and elegant!

This is how small it is compared to the previous one

New Starhub Digital Set Up box. Small light and beautiful

So far so good and no complain at all! The only thing I got to do is to return the power cable back to Starhub as I brought the wrong one there. lol.

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