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Saturday, June 6

Screw you! Damn driver!

Before I start screwing that asshole driver of all, let me just point down why I wanted to go for a jog today.

NMT had landed and collection will be from tomorrow after 3pm onwards. At the same time, my presenter had to cancel the recording as she got to visit her gynea urgently, she even requested to have recording at 2pm but knowing how tiring pregnant woman is, I postphoned the recording date to next Sat instead.

As the day is still young, both wifey and I went out to run some errands. First, we went to SengKang to collect my duragloss claybar from Benny. He told me that he had to stop detailing due to back injury and he will pass me his partner contact for polishing of car. I seriously have no time at all, so getting other ppl to do it for me will good.

Duragloss clay bar of 220 grams. Bought at group buy which cost $30.

While in Giant shopping after having brunch at the foodcourt (thought of having it at Ikea), wifey decided to get me a pair of bermuda but to the great surprise, I really put on a lot of weight! Which is why we decided to go for jog depsite how tiring we are! This is also the first time wifey and me went to Courts at Tampines and yes, there are a lot of things to look at and a lot to calculate (in terms of cash) for the new home. Wifey wanted to get a digital weighting machine from Ikea but sad to say that we cannot find one at all. Only analog found.

All thanks to Marie information, we went to Toyogo warehouse at Toa Payoh. It is very cheap for Toyogo at warehouse!

Bought some cabinets from Toyogo warehouse. The tall one is selling at $60 while the shorter is $38 with the free gift placing on top of it.

It is extremely cheap rather than buying from retail store!

Soon after, we went home and get change for the walk/jog exercise along the jogging track which can led us to Lot 1.

While walking slowly from Yew Tee to CCK at the flyover, we were behind the Condo, green man was shown and we proceeded slowly to cross the road. Just when we crossed halfway, suddenly a car (black Mit Lancer of SGK car plate) just dashed through from it's right turning! This had caused the vehicles going straight almost crash onto it! Ain't the vehicle suppose to STOP and wait for the green light shown before making the turn?

Had I not saw the oncoming car from the left, I guessed that both my wife and I will land in hospital! Luckily I held onto my wife arm and dragged her back as soon as possible! You asshole better LEARN how to drive properly and please do not freaking endanger ppl life! Both of us were lucky enough not to bring Cait out together!

Irritating driver.jpg
To make it clear, I enclose the image for better clearer explanation.

Red dot: Wifey and I crossing the junction.
Cyan: The black Mit Lancer just dashed when the traffic light turn green! Shouldn't the car wait first? Why must it dash out in such a hurry?! We were so close to the car!
Yellow: Other vehicles got to jam brake and horn because of the horrible driver!

1 thing to note: we are happy to alive and carry on our shopping! Screw that vehicle!

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