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Tuesday, June 23

Read on for part #2!

Ok, this is really getting more and more exciting!

What I posted earlier on is voicing out and I am not cursing that girl. So, anyway.. something I got it quite interesting from the comments from...


I think u need to chill.

You are not any better cursing a poor little girl who was probably just overly excited to complete the sales.

I believe the telemarketer is wrong to make repeatedly calls, but making a big fuss out of such a small incident only speaks volume of your own pettiness.

In the same language, for Ah Pek's sake, pls dun be so petty, every job has its difficulties, have u ever sat down and wondered what if you were the one behind that phone?

Needless for me to say so much...

Here's the email I received from the girl, Sharon,  after few hours later.

I will like to offer my sincere apologies to both of you for causing so much unnecessary distress.

I tried contacting you to offer my apologies and explain but your numbers are already barred by

Kindly allow me to explain.

The agent whom had called you multiple times is very new in the company.

Her intention was not to harass nor pester. She had explained that she had called so many times due to her eagerness to submit Ms V's application.
Being new, she is very excited to complete the sale, and had overdone it in this instance.
However, this is not an excuse for her making multiple calls.

She has been given a very stern verbal warning on this matter as our company will not condone any of such behaviour towards our customers.

Once again, on behalf of ef****n
I will like to offer my most heartfelt apologies for any inconveniences caused.

We thank you for your valuable feedback as we always strive to maintain excellent customer service.
For that, we will like to present you with a $20 F&B voucher of your choice.
Do let me know your preference and the address you’ll like us to mail the voucher to.

Rest assured that you will not receive anymore calls from
ef****n as both your numbers are already barred globally in our system.

Please feel free to contact me if I may render any further assistance to you.

Thank you.

Need me to say any further? For those readers, I did not accept the voucher because there's no need to. What had happened is history. Just that the girl should be more confident and diligent while dealing these.

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EQ GAL said...

kaoz.... SOOOOO OBVIOUS LAH... wahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha wana steal also must know how to wipe backside leh. its obvious its the same person from the company commenting on your blog. what happens to PROFESSIONALISM???! is there no ethnics anymore??? scary daooooooooo. tsk tsk tsk.

William said...

I don't think the word PROFESSIONALISM exist in all these scumbags telemarketeer's dictionary.

Sweety Family said...


Anonymous said...

be nice to telemarketers. it is still a job that brings bread home. u r lucky probably u r doing something else. otherwise, u most probably might one of them. be nice, what goes around comes around. karam.

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