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Tuesday, June 30

Lunch at Swensen

Finally everyone from the audio department went for Swensen today at Compass Point to do lunch. Every year, our office will give the everyone a share of $50 to do some simple celebration. But for our department, we prefer to do lunch/ dinner together.

There are a bit of restriction because we have 2 Muslim gals as well, so we must look out for Halad restaurant. Not everyone is free everyday so yesterday during meeting, everyone decided to go for Swensen today for the 1 for 1 treats!

Not to forget that today is the last day for 1 for 1 treats. Luckily everyone can make it.

12 of us had to separate out to 6 in a group. Had my fill but seriously, I am still hungry!

Swensen regular earthquake
Ordered regular earthquake after the great makan in swensen

Aftermath of earthquake
6 of us finished the earthquake within 6min. Yummy!!!

I bet that we still have extra money left for the next treat! Why? The food today is all at 50% off! That's why! LOL

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