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Tuesday, June 2

The good and the bad

While driving to work this morning, I kinda got sick on Class95 music, so I decided to change station by station until Lush 99.5. The chill music is indeed terrific until when the DJ started to speak up.

Of course, it is not an negative comment at all! I was stunned for 10 sec when the DJ mentioned that the earlier song been played was "JoshBoon - For You". Oh my god! That's my song! I remembered passing Yukun my song for his program on Lush before. I never expected that they took my song to air it. Well, I am not after the royalties since there's criteria to meet if I were to join COMPASS. But it is more likely to be surprised and shocked over it!

For those who have not heard this song before, click here to listen.

For some reason, my Google Adsense account had been disable due to fraud click! I am hoping this will not happen again if I am able to reinstate my account. I lost my credits earned and gone down the drain when I received the email 12hrs ago.

Both this blog and my Ongies account (joint) will not have any advertisement until futher notice. I am sincerely hoping Google will reinstate my account because I am not aware who is doing the fraud click.

For your information, Google is able to detect who is clicking the ads base on the IP, and also able to check that how long the person stay in the advertiser web page.

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iriene said...

Hopefully Google will sort out the problem ASAP, all the best!
Btw, what exactly the fraud click all about?? Will this happen to Nuffnang?

Boon said...

I had no idea abt Nuffnang. Just hope that your friend do not 'help' you too much by clicking non stop.

Fraud click means clicking for the sake of clicking and not interested in the Ads at all.

My acc had been disabled and no long reinstate. Let it be tho.

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