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Tuesday, June 16

GigaNews Ad is up

Thanks to Stephen from Giganews who helped me out getting the affiliate program to my blog. From my old post, I had been mentioning about Giganews because of its great retentions and their unlimited newsgroup, so that's the reason he contacted me via email to have me in their program. Upon approval as well.

It took about 2 wks to have it approve because I have a lot of question in between the email conversation. Furthermore, 2 country timing is about 12hrs apart.

I am glad to be selected and there, on top of my blog, and the side ads contain Giganews ad.

If you are interested in getting usenet server to get your favourite stuff, you may click get it from Giganews. In fact, if you go to most of the nzb sites, you can see a lot of Giganews ad. Yes, they are very popular. If I'm not wrong, they are base in UK.

It is not that difficult to use this since it works almost the same as torrent.

If you are afraid, you can even try and use the Free Trial as well. Either 2 wks or 10gb, whichever come first. I had my 10gb used up within a day. Connection is relatively fast and best of all, they are having promotion for 1st month at the price of 50%!

Now they have reach 312 days binary retention! This is good especially if you want to get your old stuff!

Giganews Newsgroups

Click on the ad and see what they can provide you!

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