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Wednesday, June 24

Getting Interesting! ~Over is Over~

For those annoymous who posted in the comments, thanks for reading. But somehow, directing to those who put in some sarcastic remarks, you dare to post but yet you got no guts to show your name?

Ok, let me phrase this carefully for those who got no idea at all. I always been nice to telemarketers because I know this is their job. But, bear in your damn mind that, if you are taking care of your BABY and the someone call up numerous time to ask you this and that, aren't you fed up? Maybe you have the heart of gold hence you love been called up numerous times, asking for question over question. How interesting.

If you have the guts, I suggest you leave the number down and I pass to telemarketers, call you up numerous times.

The thing here is NOT about the girl in person, but the way a person work.

If you find it hard swallow by reading my post, well... too bad. You can go elsewhere.

One who call people name is a loser.

Oh.. yea... whatever over is over. If you still want to put up some stunt, welcome!
I should have set the comments to non annoymous in the first place. Thanks. LOL.

I would like to share this information of what I saw when heading home along BKE to KJE linkage.

There's quite a bit of jam with slow moving cars on the overhead bridge, this is because of the truck door, those that carry a lot of wastage, burst! This result 2 x fire truck to and few policemen on road to clear the rubbish.

It hogged up 2 lanes, leaving only emergency lane to let the vehicle for passing thru.

I pity the uncle because of the stunning look in his eye of what had happened. I do not know how is he going to answer. Door knob spoil or over flow? I wonder how they clear up the mess on road.

No photo taken as it is not on my favour to snap it.

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