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Monday, June 22

Car servicing and my NMT

Done with car servicing at autosaver last week and the service from them is fantastic. It is much cheaper than TCM a lot. But because I did not bring any E.O. there, so there's extra $30 charges when I opt for Mobil 1.

Some items got to change like fan belt, drum brake and my air con filter. All these add up $454 in the end when the initial cost is just $193 if nothing is going to change. Can't be in help. But glad that the cost is cheaper and luckily my disc brake pads are still usable and need not to change for a new one.

I finally work on my NMT and it is working really fine.

Had my bi wired done on my Front left and right speaker done over the weekend. I never thought of changing until I wanted to change the power supply which I just got it recently.

I bought tamica power conditioner for $100 with 1 year warranty, and had it changed for my amp, DVD player, TV and NMT. So I decided to change the bi wire cables at the same time, the thickness of the cable is so slim compared to the one I had previously, which made the whole area neater by 50%.

Once I got it done, I had my NMT hook up and yes, it work flawlessly while watching my blu ray movies. If you are interested in NMT set up and so and so forth, read it here. I had it posted and guided the owners of Elektron-EHP 606 on some tutorial set up. Best for the beginners.

You can rip out your own movies from blu-ray, but you will require at least 8hrs because of full ripping. Each show is about 40gb, so you have to justify if you want to do that, and spend hours for your BR-Rom to rip out the entire stuff. Best to have a separate computer to do it unless you do not want to use your internet, or rather, have it rip over the night. if you have 100 over titles, I suggest you rip those you love to watch occasionally. Anyway, you still can watch on your Blu ray player, so it is not so bad.

If you want more movies, find Giganews usenet providers for information. They have unlimit usenet groups to get what you want.

After getting the files, load to your NMT and there you go... movies on your TV with DTS!

I just watch The Unit in the morning and noticed that it is Dolby Digital encoded. Great!

I also decided not to set up juke box because I always have movies coming in and it is hard to keep on refreshing the titles I have on NMT. It can be simple to do it, but rather to say, it is pain in the ass to change it each time.

Of course, for rmvb playback, you can use MyiHome too. But alternatively, you can use rmvb player to playback the shows you want on TV, or have the rmvb format converted to video_ts, so that you can load in to your NMT and watch it.
Program to use: ConvertXtoDVD or use WINAVI software to do it.

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