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Monday, June 1

Canon cam in service center

Took half day to join mummies at Vivo City today. It was interesting to see 21 mummies, 19 babies and 5 children in Earle Swensen. Of course, including me, there are 3 hubbies attended this outing. Great thanks to Irene who fetch wifey to Vivo City just now, she also borrow our baby car seat for her baby while she drive.

Since Canon Service Center is nearby, I decided to bring my camera for a check up. I still having problem with my battery status showing when V grip had been attached. It tend to show flat instead of full although I had just charged it. How weird?! According to the CSO, I had my camera sent in last Oct and they only gave 3 months warranty after repair. Really pity. I have to wait for the technician to call me up for further assistance. I do not think that I will want to pay for another repair anymore as it cost me $300+ for both motherboard replaced. No point having it replace for the 2nd time. I shall work hard to earn myself a 5D MKII and keeping this as spare. Anyway, I intend to let the technician to clean my camera thoroughly since camera is already there.

Camera body is important to me now since lense can be borrow from my dear friend! LOL. Though he does not mind, I do hope to have enough for 50mm, 85mm and 135mm!

Click on it to see more photos of mummies who attended this gathering.

I took it because of the love the color and shape.

I am hoping to get more traffic over my blog. Thanks to Phyllis who told me about Innit Nang. It will help to improve the traffic and getting more people to read up the post I wrote, be it here or baby's.

Elektron had got back to the MO guy, and everyone will be looking forward for a great weekend this time round!

Oh yes, Father day is around the corner and seriously speaking, I am not so excited at all! Maybe come to this kinda celebration, I am more expressionless. But it will be cool to meet up with so many people for the next outing with the mummies.

It was kinda funny and weird that I been smelling something weird in my study room as if there's smelly socks! Wifey and me tried to flip all the bags and determine at least 2 bags that could be the culprit. But hell no! When I wanted to bring my Macbook out to granny house, for her to view Cait swimming in the pool, I took the laptop bag, open it up and to my surprise! 2 empty jelly containers found! Thats where the sour stinky smell came from! Digusting! Hoping the smell will go away soon!

I'm actually looking at Reporter Bag from Lowepro for my camera bag. I should sell my backpack away.

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William said...

Wah lau, you leave so many funny stuffs in your bags one ah?

Boon said...

never check properly lo!

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