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Saturday, June 27

Bike on fire along expressway

Car on lorry

Bored in car when I saw this, so I asked my wife to take a pic of this. Heh!

Motorbike on fire along the BKE link from PIE towards Woodland

While driving up from PIE to BKE towards Woodland, there's black smoke seen along the linking lane to BKE from far.

Driving near to the scene, it is pretty much clear that something is on fire but had no idea what is it until I drove past.

On the ground, it was a Honda sport bike that caught on fire. Spotting about 30m away, the rider is on phone calling for help.

Luckily no one is injured during this incident.

Photo taken by my wife

Badly burnt bike. Safety is important.

Photo taken by my wife.

Seriously speaking, you can feel the heat when driving past the burning bike. No one dare to stop to help as you will not know if the car will get catch on fire as well. Everyone had to drive past fast away from the scene.

2 knocking by:

Fabbie said...

the rider so ke lian wor..

Boon said...

safety imptnt wor.... luckily rider is away from the scene

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