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Wednesday, June 10

12hrs of sleep and my money kept going out...!

I cannot believed that I can sleep for 12hrs straight last night from 8pm. Too many factors to conclude.

Since I am on leave yesterday, I decided to run some errands in the morning before heading to Ken house to fix my NMT.

As I mentioned before, the defected batch from WD Green is WD10EADS-00L5B1. So I went down to Achieva at Macpherson to get it change. The girl told me to fill up the RMA form while she proceed to get it change. After a while, the girl came back with the same model batch of HDD and I asked if they have other batch instead. She just told me that this is 1 to 1 exchange tho. I even asked what if it failed again? She returned  a smile and full of confusion in her head. Not to make her in difficult spot, I went off with that HDD and try out first.

After the exchange of HDD, I went to Keppel Bay to collect my camera. Charges is $0. According to CSO, the girl mentioned that they change something on the battery...? I cannot get what she is talking about. I tried with 2 x Camera Device batts and saw that battery indicator showing empty. Luckily the CSO girl lend me the batteries to try out first when I stupidly told her I will try it at home as I suspect battery went flat.

Tried their Canon batteries and it show full! I head home happily and tried charging it. Ok, it is full on charger, but show empty on camera. See? Luckily I tried there!

I declare my 3 x Camera Device batteries went dead and having only 1 x Original Canon batt still standing strong. I think I should grab 1 more original batt which will cost me $120 ea. Look like I cannot avoid by getting 2 more Camera Devices batt to stand by. Another spending moment....

That's not all!

I reached Ken house at 2pm and shortly, my coll, K, arrived too. He understood and very impressed with the output from the NMT. A good purchase tho. You do not need a Blu Ray anymore, unless you are a pure collector!

Tried mounting on and everything went fine after formatting it. Just when he is transferring files, all of us went up his room to check out the new audiophile tube amp he just gotten. I am so tempted to get another amp for own room to show my movies. But sadly that there's no space to mount it! Cash is one reason too. I will look at the lower end of Denon with maybe Podspeakers? Ok, I shall not poison too much as I can watch it in living room, but my parent prefer to watch their SCV show in the LR! Look like we got to compromise tho.

When we got down to his living room, NMT light went off. Ken and I were certain that the HDD went haywire AGAIN!

Quickly, together with my wifey and baby, we head off to Macpherson again after dropping K along the way.

Reach the place and told the same girl that the hdd failed again! I requested for another batch but according to her supervisor, this is the only batch they have there. She told me to call Western Digital head office to make noise due to this error and see what WD office can do. As for achieva, there's nothing more they can do already. FYI, she admitted that this batch is a gone case as too many people came for 1 to 1!

I agreed to change again when she asked me if I want. While waiting, more and more people pop by and get their stuff for 1 to 1 exchange. It took her about 10 min to get back to me. Telling me that she gotten the same batch, but different number. (Seem like she did try looking for another HDD that is not same number.)

Showing on the HDD: WD10EADS-65L5B1. I am hoping this one will be alright for me. For the past 2 HDD I gotten is manufactured on April while this is May.

If this fail again, I had nothing to say anymore but to state that it might be incompatible? As I am so tired of running around getting it done, I thought of getting another brand of HDD instead, while this WD will be my storage of movies. I might as well get a HDD docking station to connect to my NMT. So that I can store a lot of movies to my 1TB - 1.5 TB HDD, all I need to do is to switch the HDD on the docking station. I can save even more rather than buying an external HDD.

Feeling bad to ask Ken to help me non stop, I decided to drop by his house during noon time and get my items back. Anyway, he is still copying the stuff, which was why I left my things there again. I can only try it tonight by transferring the items.

After seeing Ken had the jukebox in his NMT, I decided to get it done up too. But first, get my freaking NMT up first! I shall report more tonight. Another fella changed to Samsung HDD and everything works fine for him!

When I had the HDD changed, we head to Lot 1 to meet wifey coll for dinner and short talk. Soon, we head home and rest. It wasn't like before. Got home, bathe and relax. Now, after getting home, bathe the baby, feed her, then adult can wash up but got to hoax the baby to sleep first! After making her to sleep, I went to bed and doze off for 12hrs! Woke up for 5min, and then, back again! To think I had a super long dream! OMG!

Now... got to buy docking station, new HDD and camera batteries.... Oh dear.. I just realise about car servicing! Brat!

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