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Wednesday, May 13

Whine whiner whining???

I do not see a NEED why someone can be SO NICE to actually post a new topic and stated for WHINERs. No, I am not whining over DVD region free from Oppo as I know this is a dedicated player, hence they want it to be niche.

Not everyone go through all forum to read about Oppo and there's reason why people prefer to have free region DVD. First, NOT all R1 DVD are worth to buy, for exampl:"You Don't Mess with Zohan" Seriously speaking, will you actually buy that in Blu-ray as well. As far I am concern, not for me, period.

And obviously, such movie is only worth to get at cheaper rate = R3 DVD. Or rather, DVD 9. You dare to say you buy all R1 DVDs despite knowing how bad the movie it is? If you do, I am sorry but to say you are rich in anyway.

When one ask in forum, which is why the bloody forum are for, it is NOT whining! People only hope and hope, but not curse and swear! I read that not everyone actually go to AVSforum to read up about Oppo, so of course repeating and consistently reminder NO Region Free for Oppo BD83 is inevitable. 100 ppl login, ask the same thing = whining?Might as well put a banner instead: Oppo BD-83 do not have DVD Region Free. Stop Asking!

Oppo is one of the promising brand due to it's marvellous upscaling and it is no wonder almost everyone wanted that for BD and hope for FR DVD. There's no need to bash people as whiner and go on thread after thread stating that. Who is the most: Gan Bo Liao type?

Anyway, after reading so much, Panny BD60 will be a good choice instead since I do not have incredible setup, so I shall not go for Oppo and maybe Oppo 83 2nd version will have more feature. Another one of great BD-P will be Denon BD-P. Thanks to the person who say pple Whiners, who kept on providing news to all.

Maybe you can start reading about this beast!

So much of my rants, I shall talk abit of family issue. Mom was saying that dad began to love grandchild but it is funny that he always do the wrong things. No one is blaming him because of his age. Sometime it is just piss and yet funny to say out.

  1. He gave wifey the milk bottle which is extra hot and kept asking if it is still hot!

  2. As mom is washing something at basin during midnight, he walked so quietly behind her and started to do the milk powder! That gave mom a fright and told him off! Because, Cait had drank the milk already! OMG, that's hilarious tho.

  3. Knowing Cait is sleeping, he still go and play with her! There's no wrong, of course, but not when Cait finally asleep. LOL. Somemore his patting on her is quite fast which might disturb her sleep.
Seriously speaking, this is quite funny tho. As mom is having weak on arm, she cannot carry Cait too much and of course she needed a lot of rest too. Another thing about mom is that she always off the fan in the living room which is blowing to their room! The wind is not blowing directly at Cait and it seem like she got my gene for been hot easily! Beside, their room is twice as hot then in ours.

Now I can only hope for cooler weather now. I did not sleep well at all as I kept on waking up non stop due to Cait cries and hot! It is funny that each time I turn on computer screen, I saw Scott online and he thought that I am not sleeping all the while! He only knew it when I told him that I woke up because of Cait!

Anyway, I finally finish Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition I, II, III and IV! Yes, I am slow though. I am going after Gundam OO Season 1 and 2 soon. Too many anime session! Hurray!

Currently, my blog at is down because of my itchy finger and did a mess on it. Scott will be helping me to fix it and getting my name card. Yes, I began to feel the motivation on photography! I got to work harder and hope to move in our new house soon! There are really a lot of things to buy and reno at it! So, any luck on lottery for me yet? LOL

If there's any wedding and model photography, please feel free to contact me and we can work out something.

Finally, FRVL project private screening will be up next Wednesday! Hoping I can make it after my IPPT! Wifey will be tagging along too and got to leave Cait with mom after her babies gathering at Punggol. Happy to meet the rest of the people!

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