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Thursday, May 21

Too much to talk about it

After few weeks of checking the forum in GBA Backup loaders, I finally got the time to do it yesterday night. So what is it so special about? Do not blame me for been so slow about Wii as I had not been updating myself at all.

Now Wii finally work the same as PSP, which means to put .iso games in the HDD or SDcard. A better choice will be for USB HDD, because in long run, you have more games and will hit as high as 10gb odd. I just realised I have a 40gb HDD which I am able to make it into USB HDD for loading of games. There's no need to pay extra for 32gb of SDcard.

There's some part of Wii issue that I had no updated like, BootMii (a program for brick protection), preloader (for loading to appear in the Wii channel) and updating to v4.0 using Ultimate step or Waninkokos.

So, if you want to have your Wii working fine, have your homebrew updated using internet connection. Just follow through and you will be fine. Next will be updating of your cIOS to cIOS36 rev10. There's some issue about the instability of rev 10 but I do not bother. rev 11 is on it's way tho.

After you have your cIOS installed, go up to Oggzee thread and install the SD/USBloader installer since it is working fine for SD whereas the rest is for USB HDD. And in anyway, you do not know how to install cIOS, read here.

Not to forget, for transferring of .iso games, you need to use a program call WBFSManager.

After you are done with these, just simply load the games and read the README which is provided in the notes. I had not try it as I got to rush out to work. Finally gotten the SD/USBloader.

There are some testing which I need to do and I shall update later on.

It is bad to hear some unpleasant news which this person is related to everyone in the family tree. Having some problem with law, he faced X no. of charges and just got released from Remand and currently under 18 months of probation. Everyone was saying that A should sound out so everyone can help out. But to my sis and me, we think differently. If he had just 1 charge, it is good there's help but since he is facing X no., I am sorry, a severely punishment had to be serve so that he will realise the fault he made.

But will he learn is another story. Everyone is concering A because tradegy come one after another. Of course everyone hope he will change after this lesson.

IPT finally end and what do we learn? None! Everyone had been too slack during training tho but we all are looking forward to another IPT session next year. Leow and Sim will be joining the force as to make the group even fun! IPT just ended so fast though, but it is better then having RT session which consists of 20 lesson as compared to 8 lesson instead.

Currently the MO of Elektron require 2 more units to get discount just like previous MO and I am still urging K to get it! LOL. Why not? Save the damn money on player and disc first! There will be a lot of fun on this beast for sure!

Ok, William just told me that he had his damn Touch Pro dropped in basin with water splashing while he is washing his hand. RIP TP. But, why in the first place that the phone is not in the pocket or rather somewhere which is not so near to it. Anyway, this give everyone a lesson to keep the phone away from basin or toilet bowl.

Damien just gave me a contact on DJing and after gotten the email from the guy, it is actually for roadshow and they require a host to speak. Shall I do it? Where can I find the host? It will be from 11am till 9pm. A super long day but after looking at their budget, it is considerable tho!

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