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Saturday, May 30


Ok, after this blogging, I really to dive on my bed and Zzz whole night. Slept for few hours as I got to burn some stuff for 10 people tho and the quantities are a lot! This morning, wifey and me head to Compass Point, Seng Kang for breakfast with other mummies too. I cannot imagine we, been in the west side, went all the way to east for breakfast! LOL. The feeling of having breakfast with so many people is interesting! There are 6 mummies and 4 daddies having makan session together. 2 Daddies cannot make it due to work and tired.

Food is ok as I have never eaten breakfast in Swensen before, but seriously, I will prefer authentic hawker food! Haha!

That's wifey food. Her friend is enjoying her coffee moment!

My breakfast

I somehow managed to finish it.

After the whole breakfast thing, both wifey and me along with Cait went to Rangoon Rd to collect sticker.

Gotten the sticker from Flamez Graphic at Rangoon Rd earlier today. Had ordered this in MCF and had the number 248 printed as well. Never knew my nick had been print out too!

The reason why the sticker had been place there is to cover the scratches I had on this car.

Closer look of the sticker.

Another sticker without wing place at the back of the car.

Price is not cheap but worth it. Had this sticker paste by one of the guys in the shop and they do provide installation if you ask for help. One of the guy came to me and mentioned that one of the forumers complaint that they did not help to do installation after paying so much! I am glad that they helped me with it tho. Great job by them. The guy also told me that the price is high due to chrome surface and of course, you can polish the car over it as it had lamination over it for protection.

Wifey told me to have the sticker place on the bumper which is a good choice after all.

I want to have the car polish nicely from the shop because it is ultra dirty now! I do not have time to wash it tho! Let alone to talk about watching my movies and playing games.

William dropped by yesterday to help me installing some files to the phone and PC but due to some error face and time duration, I decided not to go on installing Garmin on my phone. Next time I should go buy the GPS machine instead. I also have one of the program to help me out on finanical planning. Thanks William (again)

NMT is not here yet due to Dragon Boat Festival, so finger cross about it. I saw Panny 60 at NM selling at $599 and I was so tempted! Was looking and calculating the time spend on watching and buying disc, I drop the idea off as it does not compromise at all. NMT still the best for me now. I am sure Panny 60 price will drop in near future.

Another thing I am so tempted is camera Panny LX 3! I tried the cam from one of the mummies during this morning outing, the output is nice and great! I shall see if I can get it next time, and pretty sure to say that it worth of any and penny to get this cam! 2 thumbs up!

As I was talking about usenet previously, this AstraWeb worth any shit from Giganews! Why? It is in US $ and costing USD 11 monthly having 20 connections and unlimited DSL of 285 days retention days! (Purely under promotion now) Now I regret having Xennews and damn that I signed up for 1mth! SGD 25 comparing to SGD 18 with similiar benefits but lower retention days...

Oh yes, talking about Wii. I can finally load the game using USBloader, but had not try on force region yet. This is because the screen kinda skipping non stop when loading. I am so happy for the result when I saw the loader is reading my USB hdd. I shall go and buy a new thumb drive and have it to load game instead. Reason that I cannot let the USBloader read the HDD is due to cIOS36 rev 10! Go for rev 9 instead via google, it work perfectly!

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