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Friday, May 1


It is so tiring today as dad and me went all places to pray because Cait reach the 1st month! Which is to be exact, today is the day and lots of people will be dropping by to congrats us! Finally wifey confinement ends but according to aunts, she had to bear for one more day and continue the confinement food for 40 days. So long, she can bathe, anything is ok!

Everyone wears out especially mom as I can see the deep panda eyes on her! She felt chestpain earlier on and turn in around 8pm plus after taking her dinner, then she woke up again when my bro in law and sis arrive because they passing us table and chairs! We are expecting lot of guests so chairs are pretty important because they need to sit. Initially most of the people wanted to come earlier end up had to come slightly late due to some schedule change. But, I do appreciate their time tho. Thank you!

If you notice,I have ads above my theme now! It will be great for me as this is one way to earn some money tho! I had no idea why the HTML code given does not allow it to go through, but by posting on blog, it works flawlessly!

It kept on giving me this message:

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute "{1}" associated with an element type "href".

I did place under nuffnang which is suppose to work, but weird...

Anyway, I decided that I might go for cheaper BR player since one of the forumer complain that people are whining over code free DVD on Oppo BR player, and of course the price. If asking is wrong, then what is the forum for? Hoping and demand are 2 different issue which no one are demanding over certain issue, just hoping if it is bonus to have. Weird that people have such thinking. Everyone know Oppo will be expensive, so it depend on consumer prefer which brand to buy since Oppo is out of budget. But, IMHO, this forumer kinda say people as if like:"Rich, go for Oppo, if not, go get the cheaper and do not whine". So, are you looking down on people who cannot afford Oppo or what? I just cannot stand people said it that way even though he have had initially stated sorry for been too harsh. What's the apologize for when you have already type it out?

Just something I cannot stand. Simple as ABC, bey song then dun read, complain and say ppl. You can choose to off the screen and go other site. Period

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