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Friday, May 22

Perfume thought

I was looking at my cupboard today... maybe I should say few times since then and look at the perfume and cologne I had in there. Damn that I am surprised that my Hugo Boss perfume is going empty any soon, but to be frank, it had been with me since years ago... I cannot imagine that tho. Of course, the fragrance had long diffused.  No matter what, I still liking Hugo Boss ever since.

IceBerg had been in my shelve for a long time and of course, the beautiful yellow had turn to dirty yellow color. But the smell of it is still there. These 2 perfume had been following me for years after years. Maybe I should just dump them off and use my Calvin Klein Euphoria! I remember buying that at DFS when I came back from BKK with family. I cannot bear to use it tho. The first time usage will be during my wedding and some other occasion. Love the smell of CK Euphoria. Maybe I should use that everyday instead of my Adidas Cologne.

Please do not be surprise that I do love perfume a lot, but I personally do not like every brand's smell. Light, soothing, fragrance is what I am looking at. Smell that is too strong can easily made me feel headache. But it is interesting that ladies perfume can also easily 'seduce' guys! But only to the smell that I like! LOL

Thierry Mugler perfume

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