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Wednesday, May 6

Oh dear... oh yea... oh man..

If you ever feel bored and wanted some thinking game, may I suggest Ice Breaker. I saw it when Alex is playing and began to play it since yesterday! It is very interesting because you need to think of a way to rescue the vikers trapped in the ice. Nothing is impossible, so you need to really think very hard.

I admit that I watch the walkthrough video but I really got stuck on 2 level and been thinking why until I realised 2 methods. But at least for the last level, I managed to clear it!

You should try it man. Now I'm going to dive in facebook Uno games! Woot!

Knowing that I have piles of work to do, but I have to stay calm by finishing it by next mid week.

IPT is ending soon and we gone through half of the session, how interesting that it ends really so fast! Having ankle pain and headache for the last 2 lesson, tonight I am going to jog at least 1 round! Ha! At least I feel good today!

I am so tempted to get the Oppo Blu Ray but I have to clear my debts first, and next is to polish the car as it is getting really really dirty. Should I call for Benny or polish myself then? Ha! I am thinking of doing the car mat, I know I been saying that for a long time, and my armrest too. I shall slowly save up for these!

I am looking forward to go out this Saturday, maybe Funan and Plaza Singapura! Been a long time since we went out tho. Planning to buy some Blu-Ray titles to keep before getting my player. Do not mind keeping as I can watch all of them when the day the player come. If budget is really the cause, I might think of LG 370.

I miss Mahjong!

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