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Friday, May 15

My point of view

That's my point of view for today... A few to state out but having no direction at all.

My fringe MSN is not working properly so the title still remain since last Friday:In NUH with mom now. I have to try and figure out the reason why for that to happen.

I hope that I did not hear wrongly when the word loser came out when topic was about giving birth not naturally. I got a shock and hoping I am wrong. But anyway, there are a few of giving birth scenario. In the labour ward, what you thought of is safety for baby and nothing
else. Epidural is commonly use and it show that some mothers not having
Epi did have backache problem as well, which is the cause of improper
standing posture.
  • Almost all woman cannot stand the contraction pain when getting inducing because it is almost 10 times painful than natural.

  • There are a few of reason why C-sect is done. Like: safety for mom and baby, womb not good, dangerous situation, unable to push the baby out and having complication. Some prefer due to timing issue.
It is kinda weird that I am still unable to get the HTML coding out on top of my blog as error kept showing out. Even for nuffnang ads which I had posted in the blog previously, now there's nothing shown at all.

I come across this thread in MyCarForum yesterday and had a great laugh at the forumer posts instead of the threadstarter. This TS just got self pawned for posting stupid topic and end up got slammed by many.

I decided not to get my Blu-ray player so soon as I am waiting patiently for Panny 60 during PC show which I will reckon that there will great discount or whatever. Oppo is great machine but having looking at the non region and code situation, it will not satisfy Asian country, whereby those promising brand did have their free from region and code. That is for a peace of mind when buying the show. Let's hope that Panny 60 will not be too expensive when it hit SG shore.

I firmly believe that Oppo might want to do a free code and region in future, just like their 983, 981 and 980 DVD player. Another thing to save up on Blu-ray disc is NMT.

I had make my order of Elektron 606 from Xtremeplace forum.

Why NMT? Are you going to buy every single BR disc and some horrible show might not just worth the single cents for you to get it at all. Well, you can alwas borrow from friends, rent the BR D or DVD and rip out the entire movies to your desktop and transfer to your NMT for your own viewing. Bear in mind that having NMT connect to your AVR via HDMI is never the same by using your laptop to connect to TV. This NMT allow you to view 720p and 1080p and getting all the Dolby you wanted for which will process in your AVR. You can never get it from your laptop. All thanks to Sunblockz in Xtreme forum doing this MO for the 7th time and of course he do not earn a single cents at all. I am in good terms with him as I had been asking lots of question on NMT.

Popcorn hour 110A is one of the great NMT and been the godfather of all, you will get new firmware or patches faster. But acording to Sunblockz that PCH do have heat issue which is the same situation like HDX1000. You be surprise that HDX1000 and Elektron are done by ShenZhen, China. While PCH is by USA. Great machine to keep for your HT viewing, you can also load in your music in the device as well. It is great for me as I have quite a lot of Kids music in my PCand using Elektron to playback on my AVR in the living room is great because my baby is able to listen to it, rather than in the room, which is stuffy due to my computer heat.

Not only that, by using MyiHome, you can play your favourite RMVB from computer to your NMT, which will show on your TV! You may want to go to Network Media Tank forum thread to read about it. Currently I am waiting for the min qty of 10 to reach so that order can be make, only then I can try all out!

Total damage: SGD 318 (EHP-606 is SGD 280 and TP-Link is SGD38) TP-Link is meant to connect to your router for streaming purposes.

Finally, 2 more IPT left! (Including IPPT)

Wednesday is a lazy day for IPT takers and that's the same for PTI. We were told run 1 round of 2.4km route before we start doing the warm-up! Yah, after the 1st run and warm-up ex, I ran half the round and started walking till the PTI told us to accept punishment. As usual, JJ walked off even when PTI is talking to him, and as for me, I say I'm tired and leg cramp. Need to sit down and rest. PTI end up say nothing at all.

Before the 3rd run, the PTI revealed that he is also NSman! No wonder everyone is quite switch off though. Anyway 6SIR is preparing for their ORD parade so that's the answer. Ran half of it and suddenly everyone just cut cross the area instead of following the route. People went to Maju Camp will know the route well. Quite a number of people did that and went separate way till the PTI had nothing to say at all because there's no light also. LOL

4th run, JJ went MIA after Leonard and me started walking at the initial start. Instead of walking on the road, I walk below the building and everyone started following me! LOL. When Leonard and me cut the route again, everyone followed, JJ appeared from the starting point. Well, that guy ninja bomb is superb! Ha!

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