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Friday, May 29

I had not blog for a week!

It is that I am so busy till I had no time for blogging? Anyway, I finally update my other blog yesterday night. And as for this, I try to break into simple word of thoughts which does not need to explain fully.

Just came out from meeting and everyone is hoping for the best because it is a little shaky here if we were to say goodbye for another account on hand. But looking for other alternative job revenue is what we are trying to do. finger cross

Mom is getting so over protective towards Cait which caused wifey and me a little unhappy. It seem like she is the one who gave birth to Cait! Now I wish that she should not be too over dote Cait as I am afraid she will be spoil in future. But if this is to happen, I will not hesistate to beat her for been over pampered. Look like the black face is me rather then wifey!

Now for some funny issue! This guy had been caught live video recorded while masturbating in his car! Ok.. do note that this blur cock had his sunroof opened! LOL

This is one funny lyrics that Alex just sent me earlier on!

For once, I hate Mr Brown for making this lyric on the beautiful song I love so much!

Mr Brown Version


Elektron had just release their new product: EHP-700

The difference between this 700 and 606:

606 is Network Media Tank and 700 is purely media player.
What 606 does not have from 700 is optical input (606 do have coaxial), and DD5.1, DTS original data output.

One of the guys who bought this Elektron 606 was hoping to get 700 instead in the forum but been told that firmware for 606 is much stable and 700 been newly launch will definitely face some problem at the start. What everyone are waiting for Elektron China is to launch their DTS firmware for EHP606. Since EHP700 come with DTS, Elektron China should put more effort on the DTS source for 606! They had been delaying months after months!

Now, if you are interested to get your favourite stuff, go get the server of usenet! It work almost the same as torrent.

What are Newsgroups?
What is Usenet?
What is a Newsgroup?

Each server had their own retention days. For me, my usenet server is Xennews. Retention is 200 days and the place where I get the source is at NZBmatrix and their retention is 365 days. If I had DL a source which is more than 200 days, the usenet service provider had it removed because of their retention days.

If you want to pay a little higher and get 295 retention days, go for GigaNews instead Get unlimited is great.

Xennews is 12.50 Euros for a month. (3 days trial or up till 10Gb DL)
20 connections

GigaNews is 24.99 Euros for a month. (2 weeks trial or up till 10Gb usage) - Base
on Platinum Plan. Currently, there's 50% discount at 12.49 Euros for
first 2 months of service. You can also set it to be auto renew.
10 Connections.

Program for DL is Grabit.

If there are really a lot of movies I want to get which is more than 200 days, then GigaNews will be perfect. Once a while of getting these are great, there's no need to get it all of them right away!

I simply can't wait to get my hands on the NMT EHP606 tomorrow which I am really hoping it will arrive any soon today!

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