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Sunday, May 24

Great purchase and items on sale!

It was a tiring Saturday for everyone yesterday as in the morning, we went to pray at Waterloo St temple, then head to a small shop where they are selling lots of babies clothing at the very low cost! As everyone tummy is damn hungry, they head to the laksa stall and ordered 3 x laksa and 2 x nasi lemak! Ok, as we are so hungry, I simply cannot bother to take the camera out to snap. Wifey is carrying Cait while eating, and her movement got to be slow and steady, if not nasi lemak rice will drop on her face! LOL.

After mom had finished her meal, she carried Cait off to walk around while wifey and me carry on enjoying the rest of the food. After that, we head to OG to change Cait diaper and at the same time to feed her as well. Without knowing, there's only one baby room located at lvl 3, near the customer service area. While waiting, I had no idea why I did not go to SLS to buy the hdd first. Instead, I kept on waiting until when I mentioned of going to SLS, mom is a little unhappy. Ok, I do not bother and carry on the trip there. As to save some time, I went alone to buy the HDD at VideoPro. Initially, I thought that buying from Cybermind will be better as I can use my CC (no admin fee charge) which the internal hdd of WD 1TB Green cost $152 while VideoPro is $148. When wifey called me, I thought she got the ready cash, so I head to food court to find them and she end up passing me the ATM card! Anyway, I had enough cash to buy the HDD now, so I went to draw the money out and buy the disk at VideoPro. At least I saved $4 from Cybermind and making my CC bills smaller.

I still have my Capitaland Voucher to use so I brought mom, wifey and Cait to Funan to buy my ext hdd! I know that I can buy from SLS, but I need to use the voucher before 25th!

Parking at OG is expensive, for 2hrs, I paid $6 for the carpark! But luckily I went in before ERP operation start.

Again, to save time, I went up to buy the disk at Challenger along. I did some research on the ext hdd which is compatible to use for Wii USBloader. It is weird that my Sandisk thumbdrive of 4Gb suppose to work but it does not, and a pity that I lost my 8Gb drive as according to the chart, there's no issue at all.

I guessed that it is blessing in disguise when I saw that Challenger do not sell 1TB, WD My Book Essential. There's only 640Gb and the 1TB is My Book Home Edition. I almost bought it but I had gut feeling that Cybermind might have the Ext HDD I wanted, so I went down to check it out! It is blessing for me! There's 1TB WD My Book Essential and selling at $199 (I checked up on Cybermind price list before hand, so $199 is the max I am willing to pay). My Book Home Edition is $229 (I reckon) which included FireWire port, and I do not need that, so Essential is the best for me since it is cheaper. Also, luckily Cybermind do accept the voucher of $80! So I paid $119 thru the card.

Oh yes, I did a check on the compatible to use for Wii USBloader, WD My Book Essential is workable and not Home Edition! *Sweat*

Love the WD! External and Internal HDD of 1TB!

WD external is for my backup of photos and I am paritioning now of 10 Gb for Wii USBloader. (Hoping it will work!) And for internal 1TB HDD Green, it is for my NMT which I hope that it will arrive by Friday!

As I am clearing my room, I did some minor arrangement because I wanted to start my music production again. =) So I began to move things around, but there's some stupid smell, as if like Hong Kong foot which is so unbearable! After checking through, wifey and me thought it is the diaper bags that caused it, but we are wrong. It is from my LowePro camera bag after hours of guessing! It covered with salty smell with yucky alcohol smell! Maybe I should consider a new camera bag soon in future.

While moving things away, I decided to get rid of my crumpler bag. I am not using them anymore so, selling off is the best choice. I hereby post this photo on my blog for the potential customer to view.

Selling my 5 yr old crumpler laptop bag which is a B'day gift when I just join my company. I had not use it for a long time and seriously, I do not need it anymore, so I decided to let go.

Yes, obviously there's cupboard smell, and washing is a must. No cut or anything at all. Just that color is a little yellow inside.

The side is a little yellowish but overall, it is as new.

The internal look of compartment

More compartment seen

This is another crumpler pouch which I wanna let go. It will come with it. I never used it once and it had been hanging behind my door for 2 yrs?

It is a gift as well, but from my boss. No idea how can I use it. So it will come with the bag.

Inner look of the pouch.

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Hey! I reserve the bag from you.

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