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Wednesday, May 20

Giving myself time allowance

I had make up my mind that I am going to give myself the time allowance of 6 till 12 months to prove whether I can make it in photography field. Be it whether wedding or commercialise, I am going to do it and hope there's good news. But should that all fail, I have decided that as for today, I will not feel dishearten or any regret if I were to submit my letter and leave when the time is up. I will of course look at the economic before I move on.

My friend recommended me to join another industry to move on, and it will be good for me as I have to consider that family have to come first. Future will be good, of course better than here. Pay will definitely increase and buying things will not be as tough as now. What I am saying things like insurance, giving parent money, schooling for kids and not totally for myself only. These are the main factors that I have to look at it.

Been lazy for a long time, I am now awake and have to push myself forward. Now, these are the thing for me to do: when there's time for resting, I will start doing my iStock music and submit for approval. That should not be as tough as photo. I will also move on to do some simple studio shoot which is what corporate really want, so that they are able to use the photos for their company. 

Out for fun, I will do some simple melody and pass to my friend, Haw. Since he is doing well in music industry in Malaysia, he is the best ideal person I can approach. If theres positive remarks, he will help me through by passing the material around. Likewise, I will also try to give a try to local music publisher too. I am just trying my luck since this thinking had been mentioned for many years.

Appreciate that some of my close friend giving me support. For family, I have to do it, been lazy for too long. I am feeling stress tho.

Now this is funny. I had no idea why this HTML code " <hr class="jump" /> " does not work shown on this blog window at home, but work flawlessly in office computer.

Anyway, that is minor issue. What I am concerning is that, why my friend click on my nuffnang, but there's no earning shown on the site.

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