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Monday, May 18

Disturbing neighbour!

My piss statement to my stupid neighbour!

Everyone knows my situation regarding to the noisy neighbour! I am damn freaking furious because of their dog who are not train at all! Dirty, smelly and disgusting when it bark at any people! This also goes to my baby today when my mom was carrying lil Cait around the corridor and send me off to work!

I went to their door and wanted to tell them to be more considerate but they had their door close! What I am damn pissed with this family is that they do not bother about closing the door gently at all! They will just bang the gate and door right after they enter the door. Hey, I wish that your door knob will jam up after doing a few times and spend your stupid money on locksmith. I wish you will call up my friend and I make sure he chop you big time for been such inconsiderate piece of tribe people!

You guys have no sense of night time on Friday night till Saturday morning. Do you understand that after 11pm, you have to lower down your volume in any way and not to disturb other people? Hell to you that you did not but to increase your horrible voice and ghost laughing as if you are possess! To think it took you 30min to close that damn door hardly and carry on your nonsense! I do not need to say anything as I believe in karma.

You are also one of dirtiest family I ever seen! Clothes and pants are lying around on the floor which is so dirty when people walk pass. But you have no sense of when to keep the clothing after 2hrs which it should be dry by then. Instead, you chose to keep the clothing in the middle of the night and talk so loud. HEY! Considerate is the word you fail to learn! Shame on you, young boy. You join Singapore Police Force and seeing your uniform, it wrote SOC, which I firmly believe you are part of the Special Operation Command of SPF. You went through the training and yet at home, you failed to make things better. That's failure!

Finally, my NMT mass ordering list had just hit 12 units! Sunblock is currently collecting the money before he place orders on Elektron site.

After paying up, I will start looking for my 1TB hdd and external hdd. I got to back up my entire stuff from my computer real soon.

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