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Sunday, May 10

Busy and busy and super busy

There's so many on-going stuff recently, especially with Cait, that's why I seldom post so much like last time. I have to force myself to do my other blog then this as there are photos taken almost everyday.

Cait is not feeling really well after going to JP today. Why? You might have to read my Ongies blog instead. We thought of going to IMM for Cartel breakfast but ended up to Jurong Point since parent had not been there after JP2 open up. It's great fun to bring Cait out but there are couple of things we forgotten to bring and we will remember the next time. I cannot remember if there's Cartel at JP or not, so after walking a while, we head to Din Tai Feng instead. The food is great and nice especially the fried rice. The noodle is quite so-so instead. In total, it cost $75 after GST. Thought that we can have the free mother day cake after spending more then $70, but according to the waitress, they calculate as before GST. What the...

The yummy drunkard chicken meat and the wonderful meat fried rice. In fact, everyone dig in to that and finish it within min! Of course, this is not enough for everyone and they decided to order another plate even though there's dish for everyone already.

Mum looking at Cait sleeping soundly in the stroller.

Dad and mom enjoying the wonderful fried rice.

Happy wifey smiling because of the trip out to JP for breakfast!

Ordered Dan Dan noodle and thought that I had not eaten this before until I ate it! I rem having it at Sheng Siong food court and personally do not like it so much because of the peanut sauce.

Wifey and dad ordered the same food: Wanton noodle

Xiao Long Bao. It taste good!

Hurrying up to finish the remaining fried rice before attending to Cait.

Dou Shao Bao

This is the 2nd order of fried rice we ordered! Forgotten to take a photo of it and only rem it when I am eating it! The pork chop is very delicious!

And her beautiful pose!

Wifey and baby Cait

Me and baby cait

Here's part of my mobile blogging:



Will that make ur day happier?

Thailand Stamps.

Mom smiling for baby girl

Resting and eating bread

Mom is fine after the surgery which is meant to clear some blockage in her vein near the heart. Glad that mom is alright even though spending hours in NUH without internet access is quite terrible! I tried to use my 5800 to link up with my Mac and apparently, it fail terribly as the SG@Wireless is extremely slow! I got to try my best to get the 5800 work properly as modem. It can only connect as BT and not modem, which is quite weird after my Mac mention that there's error found on the modem. Got to rectify the issue with William's help.

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