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Sunday, May 3

Awesome video!

One of the most incredible video mapping stuff I watch in my life! Thanks to Jean and Ray who show it to everyone during Cait full month in my room. Sorry that I am such a bad host, but all thanks with internet because you guys entertain yourself! Appreciate that Jean, Ray, Wayne, Scott, Alyssa, Daniel and Jason who dropped by and shared the joy with me!

Do click on the first link I gave and not from BreakInAsia as youtube had it remove off!

Here's what they said in BIA.

Monumental VIdeo Projection 2009

Our hair literally stood up as we watched the 3D video mapping projection onto the monumental architecture in this showreel. It's better than fireworks or anything that is out there at the moment...a mind trip that can be enjoyed by all.

Imagine frogs hopping on the floor, walking giant, flying angels / elephant / bird out of the blue, water dripping or balls rolling towards you...this is another french innovation at it best! Love the breaky tune that goes along really well with the visuals. For more information on how these guys do it, hop over to and

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