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Monday, May 18

Ads on!

If you notice on the right side of my sidebar, there are a total of 3 ads shown. Nuffnang, Asia Friend Finders and Goole Adsense. Only for Babbie Kids spree, the rest of them are profitable to me. So if you are kind enough, do click on it and help me to earn it. That of course to say that you are interested with the Ads too.

William also had his Nuffnang set up on his blog when he initially told me that it is useless! LOL. Now will he be laughing at people having Ads on their blog? Nope, every click help me to earn, thus I had 3 Ads running on.

I had just add the Adsense on The-ongies blog as well. Knowing lot of mummies been reading the blog, they might be able to find ads that they like too.

Though I have Adsense going on for sometime, but there's little click on it until I read about Noel Boyd blog, William good friend.

Fellow coll, do go home and click on the ads and not in office. As we are sharing the same IP address, there will be no incentive for me at all, so do click on it when you are at home. I really appreciate that!

2 knocking by:

❤ I love to blog ❤ said...

for nuffnang wise u need to do advertisement so that u can earn..

haha... i only earn abit =P

Boon said...

how to advertise? tell me abt it.

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