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Sunday, May 17

Accomplishing the mission

I was always like to accomplish things that I hope for and finally yes, I did it with wifey today. Last Sunday, we were suppose to bring mom and dad to Cafe Cartel but ended up at Din Tai Feng, Jurong Point. So for today, before heading to Sunshine Place for baby Cait injection, we all went to BPP for nice breakfast. Read the rest of the blog at the-ongies.

It is the first time that dad and mom having breakfast in Cartel with us at BPP in the morning for the breakfast.

The food is great and nice except for the bread which is so dry and not munchy at all.

Dad pointing at my food? Interested?

Breakfast of me!

Add on 50 cts for the upgrade of Cappuccino! Yummy!

Wifey beautiful breakfast

Lovingly Caffe Latte without sugar

Due to busy time with Cait, we had no time to wash the car thoroughly even with Rajoo's help. There's really too much dirt stuck on the car whereby it is hard to clean it off. I decided to call Benny for help the next time. It need a total wash up for sure.

I am so looking forward to my first NMT set up, but still bothering myself to get a 1TB or 1.5TB or even 2TB? I have to buy within my budget too as the total cost is $318 w/o HDD yet. Just for today, we already spent $480 on injection for Cait immunization.

As mom had craving for curry fish head, we went to Binjai Park to get the wonderful food for her! Thanks to my sis and bro in law recommendation as they bought it previously! Food is good and having that with rice is more than enough! Yum yum. Wifey had been craving for fried oyster ever since the start of pregnancy, and finally today, after waiting for 10mths, she had it! She felt so wonderful and happy too. Now she had stop breast feeding, she is less worry about what food and drinks to take. For that, she is able to spend more times on Cait as well. Plus, she can have more times on internet to read up some news which she missed up a lot!

We seen the new school undergoing renovating today and it is great to see wifey new workplace tho. She is anticipating but also stress when she is back to working life. She had to work even harder for the school as this is the 2nd branch she is setting up, not to forget her boss and great collegaue partner, Joyce, been covering the new branch things ever since she is on ML.

Thanks to my great buddy, Tom Ho, gosh.. thats the first time I wrote his ang mo name! for giving me 8 x banana plugs and long canere cable. But sadly to say that it is not enough for me to run my side surround speaker which I intend to have those 2 mount on the wall near the ceiling. My relative, whom work as electrician before, came over to help me to install the wall fan, also help to take a look of how I should run my audio cables on the ceiling. I wanted to have all my surround speakers mount on wall and having the back surround speakers, Bose, to be replace by Wharfedale. There will be a lot of work to be done, but feeling will be great after doing it. I cannot imagine running all these again at the new place in few years time.

Now I need at least 20m belden cable to run my surround speakers. Only after doing that, then I can start working around with my audessey. Maybe I need to borrow some reading device to read the frequency response. There are a lot to learn when you come to surround sound, which is almost the same when starting up a studio. But I do looking forward the new house setting up with these beast!

My wall fan which need to tie on it by having blowing at our direction.

As I mentioned earlier that my relative came to help me to install the wall fan, this is the 3rd time he came up. First is to set up all the fans, but 2nd time, the wall fan went dead due to power problem, so replcement is needed. And there's some switching done as well.

But my wall fan in the room went haywire as it does not oscill at all! So I got to tie up to make sure the direction of wind is blowing as us. We end up having our relative came up for the 3rd time to replace this! For sure, never ever buy brands like Toyomi and Iona! Cheap but never lasting at all! At least now we are running KDK in both living and my bedroom. For my parents bedroom, I need to get it for them since my dad bought 2 of it initially. The one and only running well is the computer room. Finger cross.

Now KDK had just increased their pricing after 1 month and I bet that it is because of the insane weather that a lot of people needed fan badly!

~I forgotten it is Sunday and there's work tomorrow.... sadish..~

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