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Saturday, April 4


Rest is what I need most for now. Especially looking at the newborn and wifey. Thanks to parent for helping out too. I am totally drained and been limping for past few days; I had no idea why is this so. The pain is on the back of my heel and it is not bearable at all. I got to tip toe in order to walk faster.

It is quite weird that my Canon camera seem to give a hell screwed same problem again. I charged the battery and I am so certain about it, but when I load in to the vertical grip, it shown flat! I need to bring the cam back for checking. I had no idea where goes wrong as this is not the first time anyhow. If I can go ahead and use the cam without the grip, so be it. I have no money to buy at all.

I officially announce that both my wifey and me are broke. The total hospital bill costs us 2.9k cash after medisave deduction. It cost more than M is due to 1 more day stay in hospital.

Blog update will be slow as there are way too many photos to upload and link to it.

Thanks to Ca and Val as they dropped by yesterday night and managed to see the baby! Heh!

Do check out the photos as the other blog of mine.

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