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Wednesday, April 8

Thanks to my parents

I really need to thanks my parents for helping us so much to take care the dear princess, Caitlyne. Officially, she is now name as Caitlyne Ong Yun Yi, 王妘伊. She will be good in future and may good thing fall on her. She is blessed with so many people loving her as she is so delicate upon looking at.

It seem like the camera will soon be taking more of her and I should start saving up for the new camera. But first, settle the taxes, car insurance and road tax first. These are the priority for me to do first. I am anticipating on the answer back from Getty Images.

Great that it do show that I saved almost a week of petrol since I did not travel so much recently, which means my servicing will indeed come much later! Going to be really broke. Gosh, I needed more jobs to earn.

So, what's going to be my favourite photo for the day from Caitlyne?

Yes, OOF but the pose is sure damn funny!

This is the cutest among the all!

Last but not least!

My girl is DRUNK by wifey breast milk? Ha! Hilarious!

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