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Tuesday, April 21

Symbian OS Nokia 5800 information

Ok, for those holding on to Symbian phone of Nokia 5800, maybe you want to do something with it as what W told me. I am blogging because I do not want to forget anything regarding to this.

For Mapking, you may want to consider here to see how it works properly. Of course, under symbian OS, the installation file is name as .sis instead of the usual .exe we see, likewise for Mac is .dmg. For this, you have to submit your IMEI and get it generate, but usually you might have to wait for at least a day to get it done.

Here is the place for you to get the Cert, but usually in a day or so. Just key in your IMEI, then the captcha code. Need not to worry, you can always key in your IMEI code to check if your cert is ready for downloading.

Next, just simply click here for a very straight forward instruction as told.

Since I am having problem with the MSN Live which I got it from OPDA, I decided to use Fring as what W told me. Yes, it allow you to login to various chat application too.

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