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Monday, April 20

Still not getting use to it!

Ok, I am still not getting use to this Nokia 5800! If I have the extra cash, I definitely get my HTC Touch Pro 2! But the cost will be extremely high and of course, wait is the word as we are unsure which Telco will be selling this TP2 and when. According to the site, the beast will be launching during mid Jun whereas D2 (Diamond 2) on mid May.

No doubt this Nokia phone is good at it's own way like locking of GPS is super fast and allow me to SMS via Nokia PC Suite on PC. But the down point is that it made me sent out 4 SMSes to my mom earlier on. While trying on others, no issue. How weird!

The weather seem to turn colder last night and then again, HOT HOT HOT! What the hell!

Mom is going to NUH again for the scan and will be home in an hour or so. She sms me that the feeling is ultimately terrible! Well, hoping she feel ok now.

As to escape ERP at Bukit Timah, I drove all the way to Jurong East and go by AYE! Yes, a long journey instead and we leave the house around 7.30am as to avoid the ridiculously jam. Her appointment is 8am and luckily we reach NUH in time, mom got off near the zebra crossing as there are people walking at that time, but we end up got stared by the security guard because it is not allow to do that at all. I did saw the sign but had to idea why I did not stop my mom. I apologize back to them.

Invitation of Baby Full Month had been send out, hoping to receive the answer from all friends and coll asap because we need to carter the food on that day tho. It is going to be a GREAT FOOD session, so please do come with extremely empty stomach, ok?

Last thing to rant! I got the 2nd rejection by iStock photo again! I am going to make sure I can get in the 3rd time by using my old photos! I will carry my camera and shoot more around my estate or even my home for some creativity items. For the 3rd time uploading, I have to wait for a week before I can do that. Look like this is a real challenge for me!

Ok, after baby full month, I wanna look for khakis to Ubin and War Memorial Park. Takers, anyone?

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