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Sunday, April 5

Sleeping like a pig

I had been sleeping non stop today which partly due to lack of rest. Plus the pain on my ankle is not really doing any better especially after a rest on chair or when I woke up. The pain can be so severe that I cannot even walk or put the full pressure on it. The veins / nerve will eventually pull to its fullness and made me can't walk properly. I had to limp all the way and as a result, my tip toeing made my bone felt so painful until I can't walk on it anymore.

I have to force myself to go and see doc tomorrow, but my paternity leave will be affected. If I get the MC, I will push my PL to Wednesday since we have to make a trip down to TMC for baby check up. Hoping that her eye will recover soon as the discharge is not recovering.

Relaxing moment

It could due to my singlet smell, baby Cait seem to make some funny expression on her face and I quickly pass her to my mom immediately.

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