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Monday, April 6


I am going back to work tomorrow even though I am under paternity leave. I have to cancel the PL as I went on MC today. This is all because of my ankle problem which the doctor clarify that I either stand or walk too much! With too much of rubbing on the point cause the inflammation on the area. Phew and luckily as I thought of.

I also asked my doctor if my sugar level is too high as my insurance coy rejected me out, and he assured that I am safe, just that there's protein found on urine which might be the cause of the reason why the insur not willing to take it. Anyway, I am thinking of retest it later after my IPT, so that I can get myself fitter and better.


So, adorable cutie Cait cait been disturbing the whole family since last night? Hah. Everyone is extremely tired and going to get use to it. In addition to put it in, there goes the high Power Supply charges this month.

I went to drop the Citibank and UOB cheque for my bill payment, and later found out that the date is 0704 instead of 0604, which is suppose to be today clearance. Weird that I did not see any Guardian around, or perhaps, I didn not go even further down which I just recall. In need to get sterilize cotton bud to clean Cait eyes. Wednesday back to TMC, and that's when I am able to use my first PL because of series of things to do there.

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