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Tuesday, April 28

Pain on ankle!

OMG, my pain in ankle relapse once again! That also means, I did not run for 2.4km yesterday, but I did try my best on shuttle run and SBJ. I had 2 line fault while doing SBJ and for the last one, it seem like the impact from me is very strong which led me to have heavy headache and whole body going to collapse. Time to put off some weight then.

I walked 6 rounds in total and did not even run due to the pain until now! I suspect the sport shoe that I am wearing kinda keep close contact to my ankle vein (ok, I already had that feeling but not as bad initially) which result ultra aching pain.

7 more lesson to go and counting down. Pity JJ cannot make it because of his dad b'day. While at home, wifey is so sweet to cook me instant noodles, just when she is holding the plate and just 2 steps from the table, for no reason why, the noodle drop on floor! Luckily it is metal plate as baby Cait is quite nearby too. Guilty from wifey, she decided to cook the 2nd round after 15min even though I kept on saying it is fine. There goes my dinner, but it's fine, do not worry.

For mom case, there's blood blockage in her, so doctor told her to admit to hospital by 730am. Operation risk: 1%. 2 ways to clear the blockage, injection first, if that fail, operation to force the blood to flow smoothly. Hope everything clear off with just the injection.

Oppo news on BR will be launching soon as there are more then 70% positive for way to go signal. But downside, R1 only. I have too many DVD 9, so many I should either go for this great Oppo BR and one normal HDMI DVD player, or having just a LG BR player which allow free reigon code.

For that, maybe I should decide to get NMT instead since I have source. Elektron is going around $250 w/o hdd, and much cheaper comparing to pop corn hour set. Let me think it through. Finally, sold my entire cables to my coll, and I am going to buy either carane or belden bi amp cables for both FL FR speakers.

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