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Wednesday, April 8


This got to be one of the nice photo that either my wifey or mom took it. Thou shaky, I decided to make it black and white since the effect is really pretty.

I also joined Gettyimages today and hoping that they like the photos I took since Im using my flickr showcase album and deviantart. It is great that they also recommend Flickr in their images too. Hoping that I can be one of their contributors and produce more great photos by selling it off online.

Pretty sure I'm going to wake up any soon for baby girl milking time.

Gosh, I missed my Grand Theft Auto game. After wifey confinement, William and me are going to have some night shoot! Hoping to do it since I last told him about it. For Mike shoot, guess that everything got to hold back a little since everyone know about my little girl is out already! Pressing for time! =)

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