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Sunday, April 19

New phone!

For a start, let me complain about the stupid weather! What's up with it recently? Sigh! Even my whole family also cannot take it!

And also, while heading to Lot One, I received a SMS from my ex sch mate that one of the ex JVSS just passed away due to work accident. My Condolence to your family, Weijia. I may not know you personally, but I do know who you are. May you rest in peace.


My phone getting cranky so I decided to get the new phone, but I felt so guilty buying it! Looking at how my HTC response recently, a change is better for me. Wifey and me went to Lot One and buy some stuff before heading to Singtel Retail outlet. I was so surprise the young girls do not know my phone model, and kept on whispering to another guy about the phone model of mine. If you are unsure, ask your customer and do not behave so secretively!

I was shocked that when they told me about my trade in price for this phone! Base on Singtel site, HTC TyTnII worth $250 and not $160! I suspect that lil ger saw the wrong model! Anyway, we walked off and head to Bukit Batok Hello shop. At the same time, we got to buy mittens and socks for Cait cait too. Luckily the coupons we tear are usable at the other location. 2hrs of coupon tored and we made full use of it at both location.

I forgotten that there's additional charge of 100 bucks buying the phone. This is because of my contract had not reach 24 mths and according to the computer, there's 5 more months for me. I can wait, but I do not think mine phone will. But I gave up and went off with wifey to get the things first instead. After wifey been telling me about my current phone, I decided to go for it! Got everthing done and went home happily. Paid $248 with additional $100 inclusive and $250 off for trade in.

So, what did I got in the end?

Guess what is it inside?

Nokia 5800!

Nokia 5800 bought from Singtel. Paid $248 after trade in of HTC TyTnII , but since I have 5 more mths to end the contract, additional of $100 is payable.

The items from the box.

Beautiful video cables by nokia.

Nokia USB cable.

The USB connector given. Quite a nice looking one.

Longer than my usual HTC in terms of screen. Furthermore, much lighter.

The look at the side. Light and small.

That's how slim it is. Gotten the red loud color for this phone.

Carl Zeiss camera

The overall look of the screen protector by Nokia taken out.

And my verdict? Well, if you are a WM user, stick to it. I kinda regret because I miss the WM platform! As this is a total different OS, I must get use to it. The sophisticated feel suddenly lost on me with this simple phone. It is unlike my old phone. Seriously speaking, I had not figure out yet as charging is important now. I shall get it understand tomorrow when I wake up. I still cannot adapt to it tho. I am wondering how long I can last with this phone. If TP2 launch with Singtel, Im going to pass this phone to my wife and use her F480 to trade in for TP2! If by then, I have the money to change. Somehow after reset HTC TytnII, it feel very stable! Anyway, my keypad really give cranky feel.

Fingercross for me, ok? I hope I love the phone like what William said, but I am really trying hard to.


Aunty Lucy insurance just gave me a shock of my life! $2000! No thanks, ok! I go with MSIG, better still, with $80 petrol voucher too. This morning went back to work and thought I can park in front of the lift lobby but security guard told me not to as landlord is around, so anyone there are not allow to park there. Man, BTH should just spray: For BTH Management use only. Isn't that better?

I hope I can wake up early to go out shoot tomorrow. But it will be very hard tho.  LOL. 

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