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Monday, April 13

New intern in office

A little by surprise that our new intern from TP came to office around 8am plus?! OMG! When SM first to arrive, she got a shock because the timing for him to come is 10am. How funny that he might mix up the timing or been too nervous.

Seen a few of interns in my office and of course, the initial start is full of energy towards production house, but when been asked to look at the manual on the very first day is totally a letdown and disappointment. Face the fact, friends, you will/are not able to do anything until further notice pass down. Been in this line for so long, it is better to choose something wiser if the salary is not a real problem. Though I'm currently having difficult breathing on financial, but life is contented for me to go on and strive harder. Thus the photography blog is up and running.

Finally gotten the word press up and running well after a few themes to choose from! My pboong blog indeed look neat and nice as compared to the past few. But a pity that I cannot link the twitter to WP! I had the plugin on but it is not running well at all as there's problem on php. Nevertheless, both twitter and WP really rocks! Looking at my blogspot, omg, it is a total diff blogging feeling. IMHO, WP is like firefox because of adding the plugin to it which allow the nice widget to follow.

My photography blog will remain as clean as possible.

Hardly to find anytime, but the everyday uploading of Cait photos with editing really eat up quite a bit of time! But it is all worth it. BTW, baby shower will be on 1st May, Friday. I am inviting lots of friends but wondering if my Sec Sch mate will drop by or not because of my lousy attendance! lol.

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